Celebrating Our Youth and Language at Ke Ala Kupuna

Nā Liko I Ka La‘i

Kimokeo Foundation’s Hawaiian cultural program for youth fluent in Hawaiian language

Hānai I Ka ‘Ao

Our new series of audiobooks developed by the ‘ōpio of Nā Liko I Ka La‘i

Throughout the years, Kimokeo Foundation has supported Maui’s Hawaiian immersion education programs in which schools teach their students using the Hawaiian language as their main form of communication.

At Ke Ala Kupuna, we want to take this a BIG step forward and create an intimate learning environment where educators don’t just talk about the Hawaiian language and culture, they educate our next generation through the Hawaiian language and culture.

Being almost 3 acres large, this property is literally an outdoor living classroom. It has a landscape where Native Hawaiian and other exotic and edible plants grow, several structures which offer indoor learning spaces and storage and what makes this property really special, is a huge patch of lā‘ī or ti leaves, which is a very significant plant to Hawaiians.

The Kimokeo Foundation envisions a space that puts our upcoming generation as the focal point, where our Hawaiian speaking youth are able to engage fully in Hawaiian cultural traditions and practices while only speaking Hawaiian. We envision them becoming cultural leaders who then pass their knowledge on to their families, friends and further on to the general community. Thus, by helping to raise our next generation of Hawaiian cultural leaders and practitioners, the Kimokeo Foundation, along with your help, can make a substantial positive impact that will last generations.